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Couture Lashes Hawaii
98 Hekaha Suite #34
Aiea, HI 96701S

Telephone: 1 (808) 218-1736

If you have a general question please feel free to call us at (808) 218-1736 or click the link below.

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Please note:

  • if you are booking an appointment for eyelash extensions there may be an additional $15 fee if you require makeup removal. If possible please remove all eye makeup before arrival.

  • if you are late over 15 min. for your scheduled appointment Savvy Cosmetics/Couture Lashes reserves the right to reschedule if there is a potential conflict with another client's appointment.

  • Savvy Cosmetics/Couture Lashes strives to provide the best in beauty and permanent cosmetics and feels that providing the necessary time to complete each procedure is essential to our success.

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